The VTONF brings together a unique set of features to effectively manage your VPS servers with ease. It combines some of the latest technologies and techniques to make user interaction a very lively experience.
Primary Feature list:

1. VTONF is a free software.

2. Any third party control panels like, cpanel, plesk, webmin, etc can be installed in the VTONF servers.

3. VTONF is a web based software. This feature allows you to manage your servers over the internet from any were in the world.

4. Being a light weight server control panel, VTONF doesn’t cause any load issues in the server due to the execution of multiple process via the control panel.

5. VTONF makes use of the latest Ajax technologies to generate quality user interaction. PHP is used as the front end for the software.

6. The VTONF installation is an easy and fully automated process.

7. It is carefully designed to provide a rich interaction experience.

8. The VTONF control panel is easily understandable and manageable.

9. It is also theme driven.

10. No additional work is required to integrate it to an already running OpenVZ production server.

11. It allows the administrator to create plans according to their own choice.

12. You can use any of the guest operating systems available from OpenVZ website.

13. No technical knowledge is required for managing or working with the control panel.

14. No web server, no database servers and no mail servers required. You only need a light foot print of OS with Openvz. This will increase overall performance.

15. You can have the control panel removed, whenever you wish, it will not affect your production servers.

16. You can create any number of VE’s in your server. This depends on your Openvz kernel and hardware only.

17. Vtonf will support multi languages so you can use the language of your choice.

founder : Sherinmon < http://www.sherin.in >


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