open SUSE 11 <>

Opensuse 11 is an amazing desktop OS with outstanding graphics…great speed etc…With this version openSuSE has an Installer that can be run into Windows Environment for the initial setup, so you don’t need to go into BIOS and change the boot priority. What this does is modify boot.ini(in case of Windows XP) and adds openSuSE Installer in the boot menu and restarts. On the boot menu select the Installer with the DVD in the Drive, this starts up the Installation process and are Greeted by a Lush Green screen. The colour theme is all green this time, but it looks good. Rest installation is same as in the previous versions using YaST. There are few changes as in the DVD is added as a repository, it also ask you if u want to add the community repositories, I choose not to as you can do that anytime. Package selection is done using patterns introduced in openSuSE10.2. It detected all my hardware without any issues. From the Desktop Environments this time you have 3 options KDE, GNOME, XFCE.I usually prefer GNOME. For those systems that are low on resources XFCE is the best option. It took 40 Mins for the complete setup as I installed all the three DE, and development packages.

Try it enjoy the difference…

  1. 11.3 huh? It’s openSUSE, not Opensuse or openSuSE.

  2. gnufreakz said:

    thanks for ur comment..sorry..i hv corrcted it….we were using debian…all ths time…just tried suse bfre one week…awsme…

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