Changing the GRUB background in openSUSE

Open a terminal and type the following commands, not forgetting the dot at the end of the fourth command:

$ mkdir /home/yourname/cpio
$ mkdir /home/yourname/cpio/work
$ cd /home/yourname/cpio/work
$ cp /boot/message .
$ cpio -idv < message
$ mv message ../message-old
$ cp /home/yourname/Documents/favpic.jpg back.jpg
$ ls | cpio -ov > ../message
$ cd ..
$ su
$ cp message /boot/message
$ exit
$ rm -Rf work

Now the directory /home/yourname/cpio contains the files message and message-old. These are respectively your current and previous /boot/message files. You may consider keeping them, especially the message-old file, just in case. If you do not care, then you can delete them and the cpio directory you created for this procedure.

You should note:

  • Replace yourname in the following lines with your login user name.
  • We assume that there is no folder named cpio in your home directory. If such a directory exists, use another name for the working directory. You must create a new directory. Do not use one that already exists.
  • Your replacement image must be a JPEG-format image.
  • We assume that your desired background image is called favpic.jpg and is placed at /home/yourname/Documents. Use its actual name and path. Remember that it must be a JPEG image saved as something.jpg
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