A MSN Messenger clone for Linux -aMSN

aMSN is written in tcl/tk, therefore it does not require any compilation.
This means that aMSN should run on any O/S that has an implementation
of tcl/tk and it’s tls module.

Currently aMSN is known to run on Linux, Windows, MacOSX and FreeBSD.
The primary goal is to have aMSN running 100% on Linux. There is also a
MacOS maintainer, therefore improvements and modifications are constantly
being done to the MacOSX version of aMSN. Windows support is also growing
with the recent addition of the “flashing” taskbar feature.

Here is what you need in order to get aMSN up and running properly:

(Note: if you are on Windows or Mac OSX, you do not need to download
these files since the installer provides these files for you.)

  • A working installation of tcl/tk version 8.4 or above. (8.4 is preferred)
  • A working installation of the tls module for tcl/tk (required since 0.83).
  • IMLib >= 1.8 for traydock support.

Please install them by following instructions on their sites.

Since version 0.90 and added support for Buddy Icons and Custom Emoticons, there is
an additional requirement:

aMSN Download page : http://www.amsn-project.net/download.php

If you require aMSN to play notification sounds, you will need :

  • A sound command that can play wav files (ex. esdplay).
  • A sound player is included for Windows (plwav) and MacOSX (sndplay)

    msn lınux download

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