Enigma new album – seven lives many faces going to be released on September 19th

Enigma 7 = SEVEN LIVES MANY FACES will be released on 19th September 2008 – These are the latest words from EMI Germany / Enigma Management. The BRAND NEW Official Enigma web page http://www.Enigmaspace.com has given the signed up fans of the web page some clues that have to be decoded on the Enigma machine….The latest clues gave fans some hidden information from the new album…The ENIGMA Code Track listing of the forthcoming album;
01 – Encounters
02 – Seven Lives
03 – Touchness
04 – The Same Parents
05 – Fata Morgana
06 – Hell’s Heaven
07 – La Puerta del Cielo
08 – Distorted Love
09 – Je T’aime Till My Dying Day
10 – Déjà Vu
11 – Between Generations
12 – The Language of Sound

Disk 2 (Additional Tracks – Special Edition):
01. Superficial
02. We Are Nature
03. Downtown Silence
04. Sunrise
05. The Language Of Sound (Slow Edit)

The musical project ENIGMA leaves for a gigantic, infinite NEW WORLD. Seventh chapter will expand the current sound catalogue with a totally new one, creating an Omnicultural wave all around!! Register at http://www.EnigmaSpace.com, and all registered users will take part in a drawing for the exclusive album signed by Michael Cretu; the new ENIGMA album “SEVEN LIVES MANY FACES”.

  1. Enigma’s dead….

    Michael Cretu has totally diverted from classical Enigma sounds, instead, he’s trying to consolidate a position in pop genre…

    Some parts of this album really sound good, but the others, nothing awesome to speak off..especialy after the standard set by his initial albums, this thing appears fairly bland..Is it good or bad, I dont know…For some moments, I was truly unhappy.. 😦

    But then, I remembered a line rom Enigma 3

    Things are changing..Nothing changes, but still there are changes..Le Roi est Mort, vive le Roi…

  2. ANASTASIA said:


  3. ashkan said:

    it’s fantastic album that i heard. thanks to michael cretu. he’s a good composer in meditation music. enigma still alive.

  4. hadi said:

    goooooooooood . thanks

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