Share EC2 instances among multiple load balancers

Download amazon Elastic load balancer API tools

export the home:-

export AWS_ELB_HOME=/root/ElasticLoadBalancing-

Add your credentials in /root/my-account-creds.txt

# cat /root/my-account-creds.txt

Suppose is the name of loadbalancer you have created.  In this way you can share a set of EC2 instances across different load balancers.

# /root/ElasticLoadBalancing- kiranchand-com –instances i-e4515989,i-fedad293,i-4974fc27,i-70c6ed10  –aws-credential-file /root/my-account-creds.txt
INSTANCE_ID  i-e4515989
INSTANCE_ID  i-fedad293
INSTANCE_ID  i-4974fc27
INSTANCE_ID  i-70c6ed10


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