How to create an AMI backup out of EC2 instance

Login to the server which has to backed up.

Create the bundle of the Operating system. You should avoid big disks like EBS while creating the bundle

ec2-bundle-vol –cert /root/key/cert-XXXXXX.pem –privatekey /root/key/pk-XXXXXX.pem -d /mnt -e /ebs –user 4091-5433-5954 -r x86_64 –debug

-e = exclude

-d=destination where file has to be created.

Upload the bundlie:-

ec2-upload-bundle -b Server-backup-$MONTH –manifest /mnt/image.manifest.xml  –access-key XXXXXXX –secret-key bKxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Register the bundle:-

ec2-register “Server-backup-$MONTH/image.manifest.xml” -C /root/key/cert-XXXXXXXX.pem -K  pk-xxxxxxxxx.pem      Server

Thats it !!… You can find the AMI in amazon aws console. If you want to create a new instance out of it, right click AMI -> create new instance and follow the instructions.




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