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MoST of u will have the experience in freakn out in GNU/Linux…it turned to a religion more than an OS to us…The religion of freedom,source and Music,…By reading the above quote i am sure most of u pple may think what the heck music play among these..We are pLanning an event which includes..freakn out wth linux , Music , Dance…May be this idea sukzz to many pple..we want the pple interested in JOining us…We will discuss here..the WEBsite will be up Soon…

We can decide the plans here…I am not many of pple started to thnk abt this serious..Friendz we hav to make this Possible …the currnt plan s to hav an event havn gnu/linux sessions in the day..and mUsic in the night..if everythng wrks we can get the Best BANd out OF the world For the event…PleASe b ACTIVE iN THE COMMUNITY….”

taKE cAre Friendzz…LetZZ fREaK oUT

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  1. hey

    how r u ??

    i love your blog

    thnx for this topic

    we need more ok ??

    we r now friends


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